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Oliva1® Organic Olive Oil Oliva1® Organic Olive Oil
Oliva1® Organic Olive Oil Sale price€30,00(€6,00/100ml)
Exclusive-Food-Oliva1_LionsOliva1® Lions - Organic Olive Oil
Oliva1® Lions - Organic Olive Oil Sale price€30,00(€6,00/100ml)
Organisches Olivenöl Oliva1 aus Zypern auf einer Mauer

Organic Olive Oil

For centuries, myths and stories have been entwined around the bony olive tree and its tasty fruits, as well as the olive oil made from them. Even the Romans, Greeks and Christians associated enjoyment, joie de vivre and health with olives. Nothing has changed to this day. No other food combines the culinary and health aspects like the "green gold" of the Mediterranean. Organic extra virgin olive oil in particular is a pleasure available to everyone and to be tasted by everyone. Test our natural olive oil Oliva1® now .

The olive tree is one of the most important sources of food in antiquity, dating back to before Christ. The feast and indulgence associated with this fruit has not changed over time - it is still considered a treat, but also associated with culinary benefits such as rich flavor but most importantly with healthy properties unmatched by any can be surpassed by any other type or shape available today! Our extra virgin organic Oliva1® Olive oil tastes great too, so give us a try if you look forward to getting something fresh-sounding on the table every night.