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Vasilikon Einalia 2015 (Rosé)Vasilikon Einalia 2015 (Rosé)
Vasilikon Einalia 2015 (Rosé) Sale price€10,90(€14,53/l)
Vasilikon Einalia 2013 (Rosé)Vasilikon Einalia 2013 (Rosé)
Vasilikon Einalia 2013 (Rosé) Sale price€10,90(€14,53/l)
Ezousa Eros Maratheftiko 2017 (Rosé)
Ezousa Eros Maratheftiko 2017 (Rosé) Sale price€10,90(€14,53/l)
Hadjiantona's Rose 2014 (Rose)
Hadjiantona's Rose 2014 (Rose) Sale price€20,90(€27,87/l)

Rose wine

Although the Mediterranean island has a wine-growing tradition of almost 6000 years, Cypriot wines have only recently gained the favor of wine connoisseurs and gourmets. As a result of a shift in producers over the past 20 years, the focus has shifted from quantity to quality. This pays off: In the meantime, red, white and Cyprus rosé wines of the highest quality with an international reputation are produced on the island. The maritime climate, the good soil, the favorable geography and the absence of wine pests on the island all contribute to the quality of Cypriot wines. The latter is also the reason why Cyprus is able to produce organic wines from grapes that have not been treated with chemical agents. There is also a grape variety that is only grown in Cyprus: the Mavro grape.

It is particularly sugary due to the hot sun and arid climate. The cultivation areas in Cyprus extend mainly between Paphos and Limassol and on the southern slopes of the Trodos Mountains. If you want to try Cypriot wines, you should definitely put a Cyprus rosé wine in your shopping cart. These wines are usually characterized by their fruity and intense berry fruit aroma . Aromas of citrus fruits can also often be heard. Cyprus rosé wine generally goes well with beef dishes, as well as pork. The wines can also be drunk with tasty cheese. Thanks to their cool taste and lingering aftertaste, they ideally complement these dishes. Finally, the wines can also give dishes an unmistakable flavor when cooking.